Mr. Bender and Ms. Ziemski are globally-recognized leaders as keynote and event speakers in management and leadership. Specializing in strategic planning, leadership, project and program management, portfolio and resource management, we’ll deliver your message in a dynamic and exciting style your audience will remember for years.

As experienced project managers, we know the challenges event planners face. We’ll work with you, give you the information you need when you need it, and help you make sure your event is a success! Let us construct a speech just for your presenting your message, or consider one of our proven speeches or request a specific topic. Below are some ideas:

  • The Balanced Portfolio
  • The Tyranny of the Urgent
  • The Infinite Resource Pool
  • The Killer Competency
  • Why Leadership is not an option
  • The Impact Statement
  • Dancing with the Disease

Productivity Speeches

From the strategic plan to time management, productivity is the heart of the organization. As managers, our job is to maximize the work done with the resources available. Ally’s productivity speeches are based on solid, proven concepts and inspire and excite audiences. You’ll see the difference immediately.

We will gladly customize our speeches to meet our specific needs. Let us know your event’s key focus and we’ll take it from there.

Some Productivity Speeches:

  • The Killer Competency (K. Ziemski)
  • The Value Strategy (M. Bender)
  • The Balanced Portfolio (M. Bender)
  • The Tyranny of the Urgent (K. Ziemski)

Leadership and Culture Speeches

You want to deliver an experience that will inspire, prompt questions and curiosity, and motivate your audiences to make changes. Changes that will last. Changes that will deliver improved performance – improved results. Your audience will learn tools to make decisions better, not just faster. Your audience will get tools that will increase their emotional intelligence levels. Your audience will find the core of their care – what is often called their passion.

We’ll gladly customize speeches to meet specific needs. Let us know the key focus for your event, and let us do the rest. Here are just some of our leadership speeches:

  • Why Leadership is NOT an Option (K. Ziemski)
  • The Impact Statement (K. Ziemski)
  • The Killer Competency (K. Ziemski)

Strategic & Portfolio Management

The strategic plan is the primary driver for all organizational activity. It is the portfolio that links the strategy to action! Discover how to align all your organizations resources and activities to ensure everyone’s headed in the same direction.

We will gladly update our speeches to meet specific needs. Let us know the focus for your event and we’ll take it from there. Below are just some of our strategic and portfolio based speeches:

  • The Balanced Portfolio (M. Bender)
  • The Infinite Resource Pool (M. Bender)
  • The Value Strategy (M. Bender)

Mr. Bender’s Speeches

The Balanced Portfolio: Portfolio management is one of the fastest-growing aspects of the project management discipline. More organizations realize that projects must align with and support the organization by achieving the objectives defined in the strategic plan. This presentation is based on the concepts developed in Mr. Bender’s most recent book, A Manager’s Guide to Project Management. In this presentation, he offers new and innovative tools designed to aid both project and portfolio managers in defining projects that map up to and support the organization’s ultimate objectives. He structures these tools using concepts familiar to the project manager, including breakdowns structures, requirements, and resource leveling

The Infinite Resource Pool:  Every organization strives to get the most out of their resources. This means that when new opportunities present themselves, we must sacrifice some other project to capture this new one – until now. In this presentation, Mr. Bender offers simple, techniques that project-savvy organizations can use to adjust their resources almost at a moment’s notice. You’ll learn now to use common project management practices to set the stage for virtually unlimited expansion. Learn how to evaluate new opportunities to determine their value compared to the existing portfolio. Learn how to capitalize on new ideas regardless of how busy your resources may be.

The Value Strategy: Since the time Henry Ford first conceived of the production line, and most likely long before that, executive management has focused on efficient business processes. The success of this approach is indisputable as the United States evolved as an economic superpower. Business processes, including the production line, depend on consistency to create efficiency. This has been the mainstay of the economic growth here in the US. However, times have changed. We can no longer churn out the incandescent light bulb to make money, or sell the same car we designed eight years ago by changing only the shape of the fenders and adding a few new colors. This speech focuses on innovation — taking ideas from initial concept to implementation. Learn about the Organizational Goals Breakdown Structure and Value Tracks. See how to ensure your organization captures every opportunity to succeed.

Ms. Ziemski’s Speeches

The Tyranny of the Urgent:  In this time of great pressure you are being asked, as never before, to do more with less in less time. What can you do to assure that the tyranny of the urgent does not drive your decision making process? What is the impact of letting the urgency of the environment or a particular situation take over? Your contribution will ultimately be measured by the results of your decisions. In this engaging discussion Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski will present practical processes, suggestions and context. Join Kimi in this resistance of the Tyranny of the Urgent.

Killer Competencies -Furthering Your Success:  Your ability to influence and resolve conflicts rests almost solely on your ability to communicate, to relate to and with people. The myth that this is solely an inborn talent, that technical professionals have an innate weakness in this area must be exploded. You can develop a higher level of competency in these skills. Kimi presents a practical and fun process where you can increase your level of professional and technical productivity.

Why Leadership is Not an Option:  You are wise enough to know that leadership is not a title – and cannot simply be assumed. Organizations that truly benefit from great leadership will foster, encourage and grow leadership capacities in all areas – in all of their people. In this dynamic session, Kimi will help your people see the value of this approach and the importance it has for them at a professional and personal level.

The Impact Statement:  You have an elevator speech – or something like – that you can deliver at the drop of a hat. Have you seen concrete benefits as a result of that speech? You know that at any given time you will have vastly different people that you need to talk with. How does a memorized elevator speech help? Kimi’s process driven approach can help you learn about a more effective way of communicating the value of your work, your contribution, and therefore you to the organization.

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