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Ally's Strategic and Portfolio Management Seminars

Seeing the vision is only half the story. The road ahead is full of hazards, detours, potholes and dangerous drivers. Those difficulties ignore the competition who's looking to drive you right into a ditch. We understand the complexities of strategic planning; holistic and integrated marketing, setting up accounting systems that offer useful results AND track to GAAP standards, aligning resources with your most important initiatives, governance, the list goes on.

We're not like other training companies. We don't just slap a lot of slides into a 3-day project management course. All Ally's courses are designed to grow an organization from entry-level project and business process management through strategic planning. When we train your entry-level project managers, we'll establish the hooks and handles they'll need to align with your strategic governance, accounting systems and strategic goals.

When you're ready when you want an entire organization headed in one direction, we're here to help.

Ally's Strategic and Portfolio Management Seminars
Series Title Description Duration

Knowledge Series

Aligning Work to Achieve Strategic Goals Research, projects, business processes, manufacturing: it all seems to meld together sometimes. Based in Mr. Bender's advanced concepts in portfolio management, you'll understand the purpose of each activity and learn how to align them with your strategy for success. 2 Days
Value Tracks and the Organizational Goals Breakdown Structure In your MBA classes, you learned about the value chain: the horizontal progress of products from inception, through development, through manufacturing, logistics marketing and sales to ultimately generate profits. In this class, you'll see how to align your activities vertically, all driving to your strategic objectives. Based on the well-proven concept of work breakdown structures, Mr. Bender aligns business objectives from the strategic plan down to the lowest level of organizational activity. 2 Days

Business Series

The Project Portfolio The portfolio is the complete collection of project, programs and other activities an enterprise engages in to achieve its strategic objectives. In this hard-hitting 2-day seminar, you'll learn how to design a portfolio: one driven by the strategic plan and one that maximizes your resources. 3 Days
Project Governance The recession of 2001caused the US government to create the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) act. This legislation attempts to ensure financial accountability for projects and programs. Our goal for this seminar is not just to satisfy SOX, but ensure your projects and programs do what you intended... take your company to the next level. 2 Days

Diamond Series

Strategic Planning The strategic plan is the core of organizational growth and development. We don't intend to challenge or alter your MBA strategic management training; rather, we align new and innovative techniques to give you the edge you need to beat your competition. In this seminar, we'll integrate the Organizational Goals Breakdown Structure (OGBS), value tracks, advanced project and portfolio management concepts and introduce you to the Infinite Resource Pool. 5 Days
Advanced Portfolio Management In this advanced seminar, you'll learn how to design a portfolio, balance strategic and project risks, learn how to leverage your resources like never before. Learn now to take on high-risk, high-reward projects and trim them early, learn how to capitalize on your resources' creativity and move your company forward faster than ever. 3 Days
The Infinite Resource Pool Based on Mr. Bender's advanced portfolio management concepts, you'll learn how to leverage your capital resources, human resources, and strategic objectives to move your company farther and faster then ever before. Aligned with Goldratt's Theory of Constraints, you'll learn how to find and virtually eliminate your resource constraints. 4 Days


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